Assessing Functional capacity in GVHD

 Myofascial involvement is one of the common problems faced by GVHD patients. PTAGVHD clinicians are currently working towards finding a more efficient way of measuring AROM in GVHD patients to allow clinicians plan and design an efficient rehab program including functional capacity evaluations (FCE) for return to work or sports. 

The video here describes the variation in the AROM, extension of the wrist, while fingers are extended to while the fingers are closed. 

functional evaluation


Wrist extension while fingers extended recorded as 12 degrees.


Wrist extension while fingers flexed recorded as 51 degrees, a difference of 41 degrees.


Another example while measuring the elbow extension with wrist neutral or flexion gives around 15 - 20 degrees of variation in reading when compared to wrist in flexion.